Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I haven't washed my hair since last Saturday

I also haven't shared my awesome Dr Suess party or Sam's 7 month pictures.  Granted that was because ("beacuase") we were without internet for a couple of days last week while we switched providers and has nothing to do with hair washing.

I survived being offline for a few days, and wouldn't you know it, my biggest irritation was that I couldn't look up a phone number or watch The Biggest Loser.   Also since we use VOIP (internet phone), our home phone didn't work for a while.  There is someone who calls me at least a few times a month and every time she calls I'm gone.  I swear.  Last week there were messages left when the phone wasn't working.  I'm sure she thinks I'm just a jerk that never answers the phone.
Yes we still have a home phone.  There are very few people that have my cell phone number and I'd like to keep it that way.  Especially now that my kids are entering that talking on the phone stage.  The last thing I want is their friends calling my phone.  And I don't believe in cell phones for kids except in special cases.  If they feel the need to complain, I will get an old stretched out springy phone cord that was supposed to be about 5 feet long but having been pulled down the hallway and shut in bedroom doors has now become about 15 feet long and duct tape it from our phone base to the actual phone.  When they are tethered and must stand in a common area of the house to make and receive phone calls we'll see what they think.

Don't worry, I watched TBL last night.  And ate cookies while I watched it.  whoops.

I'm getting tired of snow, which is actually an improvement this year.  Usually by the first or second week of February I'm going stir crazy and dying for Summer, I held off longer this year.  I'm thinking it has helped significantly that temperatures have been floating up into the 40s and thus any snow we have been getting for the past couple of weeks doesn't last long out here.  It's nice.

I was able to sneak in 7 miles on Saturday morning and it felt great.  It's nice to be running again.

Now if I could just get my eating back in line I'd be set.  If I didn't love baking so much it would be easier.

Aaron will be on MedSurge rotation next quarter.  Should be more exciting than the care facility he's currently in, though he has actually kind of enjoyed that and gotten to know some really neat people.  In two weeks we officially mark the halfway point in school.  Yay!
Of course next quarter is Tues-Fri, with Friday being overnight which means I'll have a husband Saturday afternoon, Sunday and Monday night, but you can do anything for a few months, right?

I do want just one day with nothing on the calendar though.  Just one nothing day.  Looking at the calendar, I should be able to have that in, oh, maybe June of 2019.  If I'm lucky.

Maybe in a couple of weeks we'll just have a play hooky day.  I'll wait till it's a nice sunny warm day, excuse the kids from school, skip whatever extra curricular stuff is going on that day and just go play.  Everyone needs a mental health day, right?
Maybe the fact that I love the idea of keeping all 8 kids home and with me all day just means that that I need mental health help?

I've got so many errands to run this week that it's annoying.  Especially since gas quadrupled in price over the past week and driving a large vehicle doesn't exactly lend itself to killer gas mileage.  I am just grateful that the constant driving isn't the norm.  Phew!

Speaking of hair washing and Aaron, he is the reason I haven't washed my hair for three days.  He has been hearing all about that whole 'not washing your hair is the best thing you can do for your hair' thing, so he dared me to do it.  Since I am apparently still only 13 years old and am willing to accept dares for silly things like this, I'm doing it.  I can rinse my hair, just no actual shampoo or conditioner.  Since I rarely use any other hair product (spray, gel, mousse) it should be a little more doable.  We'll see.  So far I'm pleasantly surprised that I don't feel gross and oily.

Now since I've been up for 2 1/2 hours, done a toning class, eaten breakfast, and fed the baby, but have only managed to do one load of laundry, I need to get myself out of the nice squishy desk chair, get the rest of the kids up and be functional.  I only have an hour and a half before school starts and I have to have five kids out the door on time, followed closely by myself and the three others to go start the craziness that is Tuesday this week.  The real bummer is that I'm going to have to miss boot camp and will be hard pressed to get a run in this afternoon.

But I just got a big toothless grin and slobbery face sucking from my baby, and have a two year old with crazy bedhead rocking out to the High School Musical soundtrack with her nine year old sister.

With that kind of a start to the day things can't be all bad.
Even if I won't be washing my hair.



Lisa said...

You are far braver than me.
I don't think I could do it.

~LL~ said...

I used to wash my hair once a week.... when in high school and I needed big hair for football games.... NOW? If I don't wash my hair at least every other day.... blech!

XLMIC said...

I knew there was some rationale behind why I only wash my hair every 4th day (or less often) :P

Catey, I will share 'those' pics with you ;-)

Kelsey said...

two words: dry shampoo