Monday, November 15, 2010

Spreading the love

I rarely post about other blogs.  Not sure why I don't, I certainly talk about a number of them with friends when we discuss Bloggyland.

There is one that I'm sharing with you tonight though.
Taking it On

So I've been stalking this blog since it started not too long ago, after wondering who XLMIC was that was commenting on my posts.  So glad she finally started blogging! Despite the fact that I don't often get time to comment on the many blogs I cruise around a stalk, I do love reading and finding out who is out there commenting on my little tiny corner of the online world.  So if you've commented here and have your profile linked to your blog, I've been there!  I'm going to have to do a post about that, because there are questions I have for some of you.  (one is about a dog who needed surgery back in August.  seriously.)
I always feel slightly left out when I click on someone's name, go to their blog, and there are no posts.  or just the one post that we have all started our blogs with; the "I guess I'm starting a blog" post.  Love that!

Anyway, despite the fact that I am totally intrigued with this person (especially after a recently posted photo!) there also happens to be some Giveaway loveliness going on over there this week!

Currently a family car organizer and some awesome bibs are up for grabs, but hurry, bibs end tomorrow, and car organizer ends Wednesday!  If you happen to be a night owl who cruises around online once the rest of the household is sleeping, you do still have a couple of hours to head on over and enter the giveaway for an infant massage dvd that ends tonight.



XLMIC said...

Catey! You are too nice! Thanks for the super kind words! And THAT picture... lol...

Colette said...

Oh dear .. am I the person you referred to with the dog who needed surgery back in August! Thank you for taking a wee peek my direction! :) I am soooo bad for neglecting my blog but now that I have moved home and settled in I will get back to my blog and updating more regularly! If I am that person, LuLu has made a fantastic recovery,took about 3 weeks and regular steroid injections. She may still need surgery in the future due to the new vet diagnosing disc slipping in and out, but for now she is back to her bright, lively self thankfully! Oh how devastated we'd have been if we'd listened to the opinion of the first vet who wanted to put her to sleep! I will update the blog with the full story, and thanks again for popping by! If you pop round again I'll have the kettle on for a coffee! ;) Oh and I just want to say how much I enjoy reading your blog, you write so well, thank you for sharing! xxx

Catey said...

My pleasure Marjorie! :)

Colette-Yes! it was you and LuLu! :)
I am very happy to hear that she is doing so well! It probably sounds silly that I have been wondering about her, but I know I would be so sad if a vet suggested I would need to put one of mine down, or even the suggestion of surgery would be a serious bummer. Looking forward to hearing from you on your blog again! I actually tried to comment there, but it wouldn't let me, so I hope you see this here.