Friday, November 12, 2010

Maverick Mama Half Marathon

Last year on Halloween weekend I ran an awesome half marathon.  LOVED the course, and I was looking forward to doing that again.
Well, as I mentioned recently, logistics just didn't stack up.  Being gone for the hours it would have taken to drive to the bus pickup, be bussed to the top of the canyon where the run starts, and then the run itself, and you have something that adds up to more than a nursing mama can take.  Especially with a young baby who nurses frequently, and especially in the morning.

You nursing moms know exactly what I'm talking about.
You nursing running moms know that even two sports bras wouldn't help at that point.
(and yes, two really are required when you are nursing.  I used to think it was a joke.  Nope.)

Anyway, ever the stubborn obnoxious person that I am, I was dead set on still running my 13.1 miles Halloween weekend.

The good news is that I knew exactly where I could run close enough to home to not be gone too long.

drum roll please......

The Maverik.

Yes, the gas station/convenience store.  Well, there and then back home.

Ok, so this isn't Maverik, but it's what comes up when you google Maverik out here.  It's the empty lot next to it.  If you live here, you appreciate this.

The route isn't the lovely all downhill course that the actual event I was eyeing would be, but hey, you win some you lose some.  And running uphill is a good workout, right?

So people, I did it.

I ran my 13.1, my half marathon.

The Maverick Mama Half Marathon.
(yes I named a long run that I ran all by myself and am classifying it as an event.  Also, I think Maverik should sponsor me next time I run this.  Or at least give me a water or something.  Maybe. If they do I would be willing to change the spelling from "maverick" to "maverik".  Just sayin'.)

With my baby just a few days shy of 3 months old, I pounded out those miles, most of them at a decent pace.
In fact the first 10 were positively delightful.  I was on par for finishing under 2:10, just over what I ran last year.  The last three sucked rocks in a big way, and made my knees hate me on a whole new level.  I ended up over 2:20 (ouch!) but I did it dangit!

And would you like some proof that I have the very best friends in the entire world?
Check this out:

Yes, my cute friends facilitated drive by honking/cheering, and on top of that, a sign at mile 10.  This happened to be right where my body starting saying oh so nice things like "are you an idiot?  what were you thinking?"  This sign actually made me cry a little.
Running 13 miles is a lot harder alone than it is with a group of thousands of other people and that race atmosphere buzz.  They made it a lot easier on me.  When I felt like a walk break during those last two miles, knowing that they were all going to ask me about my run later kept me pushing through.

It feels great to have hit that goal.

I also had my first ice bath in effort to salvage my knees.  I always thought it sounded crazy, but it felt wonderful!

Oh, and who can forget what is sometimes the best part of the race?
The shirt.
I ran the distance, you better believe I got a shirt!  This one:

Loving it.

Pick a goal.  Go out there and tackle it.  If I can, anyone can.


Colleen said...

CONGRATS! Probably the best race report I've read all year! :)

XLMIC said...

You really bring "coolness" to a whole new level! WTG! And you do have truly awesome friends. Hoping your knees are in fine form soon.

Heidi said...

You are awesome!!! I love the sign and the shirt is great! Can you pass some of the dedication my way, please!??

Laurie said...

Great job you!! Great report too. :)

Becky said...

You're awesome! I've wanted to do that run but just haven't done it yet. You've inspired me!!!