Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The difference between men and women

I got my hair cut the other day.
It was getting pretty darn long, sitting almost at my waist.  Though I like having long hair, it was really getting a bit too long.I had pulled a hair off the bathroom sink the other day and it just kept coming and coming and coming.  I actually measured it just to see.  34 inches.

I was bordering on polygamist hair.  ("not that there's anything wrong with that")

Point being, it was long.

This is where it was the day before the cut:

Oy-when just sat to air dry it sure looked nappy.
I promise I actually *DO* my hair when I go out in public, so the rest of the world has been spared witnessing my hair appearing like this.
Check out that little profile pic over there ------>
I do have a little bit of pride.  I promise.  Well, at least some days.

So I cut my hair.  I took off a good 8ish inches I guess?  Had some layers added, hopefully a little bit of style.  If nothing else it sure looks a heckuva lot healthier.

So later that night some good friends stopped by.  When I opened the door the first thing she said was "Wow!  look at your hair!  It looks great!"
He said "oh.  Did you cut your hair I guess?"

My mom noticed immediately, my sister commented "Wow-you butched it short!"

My girls noticed it.  My boys did not.

My husband's original comment was "Hmm...I can't really tell a difference."
Granted I sent him a picture on his phone so it wasn't a great representation, but even in person he didn't see much of a difference until I really curled it and styled it the next day, at which point he could see the layers a bit and could tell it was shorter.

And there you have it.



Lisa said...

It DOES look great!

Mindy said...

I like your new length! I did the same thing senior year of high school--only I didn't stop at 8 inches (I should have). We also chopped my daughter's hair when she was about 4 years old and complaining that when she showered, her hair touched in her bum and she didn't like it!
How do you find time to curl your hair cute like that?? Good for you! I can't even get that done with 2 kids. I let Michelle chop mine off once both my sisters were complaining about my "mom" pony tail look that was happening almost daily. Now it takes 10 minutes, instead of 40, to dry.

XLMIC said...

Gorgeous hair!

Niki said...

I think it looks great! Husbands never notice these things....

Kelsey said...

guys are lame.

~LL~ said...

I like it! It always feels good to lop off several inches, huh? Mine was about a long as yours is now and I chopped about 8 inches to my shoulders... loved it.

Just went to get mine done (last Monday) and had a few auburn highlights woven in.... THAT was a step on the wild side. LOL!

DIAZ BLOG said...

it looks gorgous!

Utah Mom said...

Very cute. I hope everyone at your house is feeling better. We missed Charlotte yesterday.

Rheanna said...

Justin would have noticed! I can't cut an inch off without him noticing and sharing that he liked it better before :o) Ok, let's be realistic-I never just cut off one inch :o) It looks fantastic as always!