Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween round one-the party before the party

Wow-I'm so behind!!  SO much going on around here for the past week!  SO much catching up to do!

We always do a big Halloween costume party each year.  It's a blast.

Now we get twice the fun!  We have some fun friends who moved to our neighborhood this past year, who also happen to do an annual costume party.

Theirs was the week before ours this year (good planning-we need to make sure to continue to coordinate that in the future), and since I have serious procrastination issues, I hadn't finished our costumes yet.   Hey-Halloween was still a full week away!

Ok, ok, in all honesty, I hadn't even started mine.  And we were still waiting on pieces of Aaron's ensemble to be shipped.

What to do?

Since I have a thing for Halloween costumes, we thankfully have a box full.  Uh, two.
(and after this year since I'm out of room with those two, it will be three.  woot!)

The first thought was to resurrect The Incredibles, but at not quite 3 months post baby #8, I'm not exactly at a point of rocking the full body spandex look.  I then realized that I had lent that costume out anyway.

Plan B...keep looking.

And then it dawned.

A rerun of last year.
In reverse.

Yes people, we went from this last year:

To some serious adjustments to my previous costume and this:

Lincoln wanted to know where the "bursty things" in Aaron's shirt came from.
Taylor was seriously weirded out seeing his father dressed like a woman.

Who can blame the kid?  It was a little freaky.
(and yes that is a banana in the background)

But it did win him one of the prizes for best costume.
Even though his lacy nylon socks kept falling down.



XLMIC said...

Ha ha ha! LOVE it! I LOVE Halloween and costume parties, too! We did one for several years running, but now we have to deal with a cranky HOA... boo. Seriously, love the pictures and the switcheroo!

Colleen said...

Love it! :)

Lisa said...