Monday, November 15, 2010

The annual costume partay

Yes that says "partay".  Apparently it's more fun spelled that way.  Who knew?

True to tradition, our annual costume party was a blast this year!  And true to tradition, it drifted into the wee hours of the morning, until all us old people couldn't take it anymore and finally started puttering out around 2am.

Granted, had we ended up turning things into the dance party that always seems to crop up after midnight, we probably wouldn't have started falling asleep, but for some reason we missed out on the dancing this year.   The beloved Limbo was absent as well.  For the record I would like to state that I am claiming reigning champion status by default since there was no rematch this year and thus no one knocked me out of my previous champion status.
Oh well, there's always a reason to have a party, right?  New Year's Eve is coming up!
Oooo, maybe we'll throw a Black Friday party this year.  Everyone can wear black and we'll dance off the ridiculous amount of food we've all gorged ourselves on the 24 hours previous.


It's always fun to see what our friends come up with costume-wise, and how Rheanna can find a way to work a bathrobe or pajamas in to her costume.

Speaking of, let's start with that one:

Ironically Justin is most comfortable in a suit, so it worked out well for both of them.  Props for creativity.

Tinkerbell was there sans Peter Pan who was stuck at work:

We had the nurse and her patient (can you see his cath bag?  complete with yellow liquid?  ewww):

The ref and the toothless (really! click on that picture and look!) hockey player

 Geisha and the....I don't know...what are you?  I think they said some Japanese legend thing?
Sorry, I was busy sucking down brownies and didn't hear and am too lazy to go ask Aaron to clarify.

The nun and misbehaving little ball boy....
 This picture totally cracks me up-think school and misbehaving boy way back when! ha!
You can just barely see it, but the nun brought her own ruler to beat him with!
 The rock stars:
 There we are again, in case the 247 pictures on the Halloween post weren't enough:

The farmer and the Chilean miracle:

And last, but certainly not least, Luke and Leia:  
(the buns were there previously)

Hey Marion-can you see me peeking?

Aaron and I had a fabulous time, I hope everyone else did too!


Rheanna said...

Are you kidding? I got a bathrobe AND pajamas worked into my costume! Unfortunately...they may have to retire-not sure there's more left to do with them, but I'll keep looking of course! :o) We had a great time as always, sad we had to leave early!

XLMIC said...

These are hilarious! We were missing costume partays this year...:-(

~LL~ said...

:( We didnt' get to dress up this year, as #3 was only 2 days post-surgery.

Anyway, remember last year... i was a pilot and DH was the "effeminate" irline attendant.

SO, for this year we were going to have DH dress as a pregnant hillbilly girl (red pigtails and freckles) and I was gonna be her daddy lookin' for the no-good scum that stole her innocence.

THEN, at the end of the party, "her" water was going to break and she was going to drop a baby.... of a different color.

Catey said...

Oh my word woman!! I am DYING! ha!