Monday, October 25, 2010

That picture of my mom

First I have to tell you how cute my mom is.   Because she is just entirely too cute.  My dad used to tell us all the time when we were kids how cute our mom is, but we'd just say "ok dad" and walk away rolling our eyes because that's pretty much what you do when you're a kid and your parents are being all cutesy, kissy-face, lovey-dovey.

But to make my point, look:

Awww...see, I told you.  Look at my adorable parents!  What a cute couple!

If I look half as good as my mom does when I'm her age, I'll be absolutely thrilled.

So, that other picture.....

We took a big SoCal trip a few years ago and spent a couple of days at Disney.  This picture was taken on a day we were over at California Adventure.  We LOVE the Grizzly River Run ride, and waffle back and forth between mocking those wimps who wear ponchos on rides like this and being the wimps who wear ponchos on rides like this.

This particular trip we felt pretty tough.  No wimps!  Braving the possibility of getting wet, we rode.

We got wet.

A couple of us got really wet.

My mom got drenched.

Like drowned rat drenched.

And these pictures still make me laugh hysterically.



Aaron said...

Hahahahahaha......that was great! What a fun trip and it's good to see your mom loving the drench!

Great post.

Teamarcia said...

nothing like a good soaking!
Your parents ARE so cute!

Colleen said...

That's awesome! (and yep, she's cute!)

Shilo said...

Your mom must be an awfully good sport as well as being cute!

Kelsey said...

that was the best!!!! PEEING!

Dida said...

Loved the drenched pic! You're lucky to have that shot for as camera shy as your mom is. I must say...I DO have a very cute sister-in-law! My brother? Well, I'm still trying to forgive him for the way he treated me when we were young.

XLMIC said...

Long line of cuteness in your family! She IS even cute when soaked!