Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I think this will be Picture week

Even though the last post had no picture.  But "picture" was in the title, so close enough.

This next installment is a series of pictures I like to call "Thank You Kindergarten".
Or I suppose I could go with "Let's practice letters".
Or my personal favorite "If you want to try and pass blame to someone else, don't make it quite so obvious that you did it yourself".

You see, my cute little Dallin (#5, Mr Fire Hydrant) is absolutely loving Kindergarten.  I am dealing with that ok considering how very much I love teaching this age at home like I did with my others.  The good news is that I was still the one who taught him to read, so I have that important card tucked away in my own hand.


One of his favorite things now is writing.  This child did not want to write for me at all over the past year.  Occasionally he'd find an obsession with a particular letter and write it over and over and over, but he rarely wanted to write words, and though he knew how to spell it, he didn't want to write his name either.

Well my friends, all that has changed.  It's amazing what a pen can inspire.
It started out small enough, on the inside of the closet trim.

Then for good measure, a nice big D by the light switch.

A beautifully formed A also in the closet.

The he decided to go for it.
To really just put it out there.

A mural of his name...over and over....

To give you an idea of the size he went for, check this out.  Click on this picture for a better view.  That green chair is a child size chair, the letters dwarf it.  All. Over. The. Room.

So, what have we learned today?
Dallin needs help with his capital N's still.  He keeps writing them backward.

Also, I need to hide the pens.
And probably repaint this bedroom.
But hey, at least we know whose room this is.



~LL~ said...


You know, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a WONDERFUL thing!

Catey said...

Yeah, unfortunately whatever pens I bought last time I bought pens are freakishly strong. Magic eraser barely made a dent. I even painted two coats over one little space that Charlotte got to upstairs and it STILL shows through! It's brutal. Still trying to figure this one out...

Kelsey said...

I am PEEING my pants! This is the best thing ever. I can just see it now, "I didn't do it...it was Lincoln..errrr Jacob."

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh, that's hysterical... and you are so calm! :)

Catey said...

Colleen, one of those moments of truth in parenting for me... I really try to not freak out over little things (though some days I fail epically at that), so this time I had to just take a step back and realize that
a-no one got hurt,
b-unlike many of this child's other endeavors, this one didn't involve him ending up with stitches,
and c-it's fixable! Also it shows that he wants to write finally (yay!). And honestly, if it had happened to someone else, it totally would have made me laugh so I may as well laugh at it having happened to us, right?

Rheanna said...

I love it....maybe it's something their teacher is teaching them. Payton "signed" my car, Dallin signed the walls.....hmmmmmm....good luck with getting it out-that's the worst when the Magic Eraser isn't so magical!

Catey said...

I totally meant to mention your car!! And that same week that your car got signed by your kindergartener, my other friend"s brand new-like days old brand new-stainless steel fridge was signed by her kindergartener!

Rebecca said...

Ethan and Tyra have both done that too. Now I've got crayon, pencil, and pen all over many of my walls. A hair dryer and WD-40 work well for getting crayon off. I use soft scrub to get the pencil off and it sometimes works on the pen marks too.

XLMIC said...

Maybe paint the wall with that chalkboard paint? Is this a rite of passage? One of mine did "hieroglyphics" the entire length of the hall baseboard. Dallin's lucky his mom has a good sense of humor ;-)