Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The many faces of Sunday Sam

Last Sunday I got to hang out with Sam.
Just chillin' in my sweats, on the bed, with my baby and a camera.  
Everyone else was absorbed in doing their own thing for a while. 
Good stuff.  

Look at that double chin.  I want to chew on it. 

He doesn't love the flash so much.

Still not loving it.  Clamming up.  Look at his eyes-"save me!  save me!"

Pre-sneeze stupor.

Post-sneeze astonishment.

There we go!  Look at that dimple!  Be still my heart!

And now he's done being amused.  
The End.



Cheryl said...

He has got to be the absolute cutest baby boy EVER!!! He's got the biggest eyes! I love all of his little expressions!!!

Trish said...

Oh my goodness! He is the cutest! I think he looks more like Aaron every time I see a pic.

Rheanna said...

I love that last picture! It has so much personality in it! Anyone can smile, but when a baby smiles, it just melts my heart!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Sam melts my heart!

~LL~ said...

That last picture is great! I LOVE THESE! Little Sammy...... such a sweet boy!

Shay said...

"I want to chew on his chin" that made me laugh! He is cutee!

Kelsey said...

oh I love Sammy! Why is he looking so big?! Why haven't I seen him in 17 days? Not cool.

Marion said...

I love dimples. Especially on cute babies like Sam.

The Balls said...

Sam is is the cutest baby ever! I can't get enough of his pictures. He astonishes me EVERY DAY! Love him! I can't believe how calm and collected your Dallin post! You are like the zen master!