Sunday, October 3, 2010

September Challenge Report

I did it.
I hit my 42.08 miles.  Actually I ended up right about 43 miles, just to make sure.
Thank goodness for the Challenge, because otherwise I would have not made it that far.  After having to let go of my 7 miles last weekend, I was bummed and didn't feel like running at all for a few days.  If it weren't for the looming deadline of September 30th, I definitely wouldn't have made the time to hit the treadmill after everyone was in bed those couple of nights last week.  Thanks Trish!

It's funny that I keep having to remind myself that 40+ miles in weeks 4-8 after having a baby really isn't that bad.  I have been looking back at when I was really running last year and was putting in at least 30 miles a week, with my weekday runs being 4-5 miles and Saturdays being my favorite 7 mile loop or longer.....not training for anything but absolutely just loving the chance to run.  It's hard not to compare now to then.  It's hard to convince myself that I deserve a pat on the back for going out for a 3 mile run, or for 2 miles in the morning and another 2 in the evening because that's all I could fit in, when it feels like such a piddly distance compared to what I want to be running now.

And then I remember back about a year and a half ago when I ran 3 continuous miles for the very first time.  My youngest was 6 or 7 months old at the time and I was so pleased with myself that I was running when my baby was "only" 7 months old.  I'm trying to readopt that mindset and be pleased that I am running at all when my baby is only 8 weeks old.

I saw a shirt this weekend that said "Running is a mental sport-and we're all insane" and it made me chuckle.
It's pretty darn accurate I think.  

Now to straighten out all those thoughts in my head and get in gear for the 10k coming up at the end of this week.  And then to figure out my next goal.  I am still hoping to squeeze in a half at the end of the month.  Logistically it's going to have to be a personal half, since with the bussing and the waiting and everything else, it just won't work out to do the official race I was hoping to do.  Which is kind of a bummer because I think I'd actually be faster this year than last.  The Garmin is kicking some nice pace numbers at me lately.
But hey, if I do my own half, I get to pick my own shirt.  Sometimes the shirt is the best part of the race.



~LL~ said...

I am so NOT a runner. I wish I was. I hear it is wonderful.... the *high* you get from it. I could use that... except I am lazy and thoroughly unmotivated.

You go girl!

XLMIC said...

Those comparisons can really get one down. I have learned to use them as a pick-me-up... "wow, I used to be able to do THAT!" and as a goal-setter... "I'll bet I'll be able to get there again!" Best of luck to you, Catey!