Thursday, October 7, 2010

One of those mornings

The irony of this post going up right after those last two.....

Seriously, WHAT was in the air this morning?

After commenting on facebook that I think I may have grounded my children for a combined total of 638 years this morning, I was met with multiple stories of other people's children being on one this morning as well.  My favorite came from a friend who said that her children are now missing birthdays and Christmas for the next 7 years.

I will have to admit that I am slightly curious on how the two of us are going to enforce those punishments.

Honestly though, to demonstrate just how bad it got, I used the term "shut up".
I HATE "shut up".
I think I get it from my mom who hated it enough that we had a shut up cup, and every time you said shut up you were supposed to put money in the cup.  Except I don't think it lasted more than like a week.

The kids were going after each other, fighting about anything and everything, to the point that rumor has it one of my kids threw a tub of Country Crock at another.
It was serious.

After trying to calm them down, trying to get them to stop, and yelling at them to listen to me (nice huh?) I finally told them to just shut up.
Then in the aftermath of feeling like a crappy mom, I turned on some Hymns, cranked the volume, and left the room to go shower.

Unfortunately after my shower they were still just as wound up, which is great accompaniment to hymns.

One child was irritated that I still insisted on family prayer before they went off to school.
One was freaking out that they were going to be late.
One was crying about shoes.

I hate to admit this, but it was a morning when I was glad that they all were headed out the door to school.

Determined to make the morning better, I attempted to clean the house in earnest.  A clean room is a calm room is a happy room.   Or at least I hope there is a saying about that.  Because if there's not there should be.
I started in on the pile of dishes that was spilling from the sink over to the counter, when a neighbor knocked on my door to let me know that one of my dogs had gotten out.
This required an impromptu dog bathing as the rain the past few days has left the space under the gate a mud puddle.
Then back to the dishes.
Then a scrub down of the kitchen since Lincoln decided to make black cherry Kool-aid, in an empty 2 liter bottle, while my back was turned.
Thankfully Sam was enjoying the swing, as the LAST binky went missing this morning too.  That could prove disastrous.

But the good news is that life goes on.

The dishes are all done, including a drawer full of cooking utensils since as I was working on the dishes,

Charlotte was working on filling the drawer with dog food.

Oh well, I was already washing, right?

The binky was found (and boiled because I have no idea where Charlotte actually found it).  Also I ordered more so we don't run in to this issue again.  Honestly, what experienced mom puts off getting back up binkies?

One of the dogs is clean, and so is the kitchen.  Except for some leftover red staining that will take a couple of days to fade.

And now I sit here nursing my beautiful bundle of baby boy who is just happy as can be today, listening to Lincoln and Charlotte bounce back and forth between playing Legos and Operation-The Simpsons edition.  Which cracks me up because every time the game buzzes Homer makes a comment and Lincoln says "Ugh!  Silly underwear man!"

Somehow I think that an afternoon filled with baking on a dreary day like today may be just what we need.  A nice warm Scentsy scent, a little John Mayer,  and something yummy in the oven.  If that doesn't turn the day around, all hope may be lost.

And bedtime may be moved to 5 o'clock.



Laurie said...

Ooh 5:00 bedtime, now that sounds like a good idea! Hope your afternoon baking and smelling yummy smells turns your day around. :)

XLMIC said...

Love that Cup idea! May I use that? lol Here's hoping lovely scents and nice music and happy kids playing get things back on the right track. :-)

~LL~ said...

LOL!!!! I love it. Today, we did great until #3 spilled his bowl of cereal (with just poured milk) all over the table, dripping down onto the chair and into the floor. #1 was opening the back of the FTU and it popped up and bloodied his nose (not quite sure HOW that happened).

Kelsey said...

I totally stole your back up binkie! I'll buy you a hawaiian one to make up for it.
Also, about the bad :)

Dida said...

Maybe your li'l sis is really the one causing ALL of the trouble.