Monday, June 16, 2008

Taylor’s Baptism

I feel bad that the excitement of Taylor’s big day was dampened by everything else that went on the week previous. It kind of just got shuffled into the list of things happening that week. Thankfully it was the finale to the week, so when it arrived we were really able to enjoy it without having to give any thought to other things that needed to be done. This was a much different experience from Malia’s baptism-it was much smaller (for our family anyway!), and was at the same time as two other kids in the ward. It was less chaotic than Malia’s (especially since we didn’t Lincoln’s blessing and Malia’s baptism on the same day), and much more intimate. It was nice. We were so glad that all of the grandparents were there, and my grandparents were able to come as well. Other than that it was just Aaron’s brother and a couple of friends of ours. And a lot of food. : ) It was a much needed happy and relaxing end to a crazy week.

And Taylor looked so cute drowning in his big suit!
(but really-could these pictures be anymore fantastic? rofl! We all look like we've been through heck and back!)


Kelsey said...

umm...where am I in all the pics?!