Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

I wanted to do some sort of post for Father's day, but couldn't quite figure out what I wanted to say. I was torn between rambling about my own father, or the father of my children. And you all know how long-winded I am, so since I decided I wanted to do both, I was looking at yet another epic post.
I figured I'd just sum it up with a slideshow of some of my favorite moments of watching my sweet husband as a father over the past few years. Many of my favorite moments are missing-they are from the pre-digital days and I'm not delving into digging out and scanning old photos today. Maybe some other time. I also realized that a many of my favorite moments of Aaron with our kids were facilitated by my own dad-the majority of our family vacations have been due to his generosity. Because of that we have many fun pictures with him as well-hopefully in the next week I'll put together those for his tribute slideshow! : )

So for now-Thanks Aaron for being such a great father, and such a great dad. You really are Mr Incredible. Love you!


Stacy said...

That was sweet! I love the slide show. Aaron and Grego are some truely great men...and there's nothing better than a good man!!!