Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Sunday, June 1st, was Taylor’s Birthday. I can’t believe he is 8! He’s been looking forward to this for a LOOOONG time! He is so excited to be old enough for Cub Scouts! And thankfully after years(how many?) of me officially working over Cub Scouts, I have gotten over my Scouting phobia. Well, most of it anyway. So that should make things much more enjoyable for all of us.

Taylor was also totally psyched to get his suit. He has been wanting “church clothes like dad’s” for a long time, so we told him that when he turned 8 we’d get him a suit for his baptism. Unfortunately the day before his birthday when we took him out with us to try them on, we couldn’t find any! He was patient, and enjoyed the trying on process at home a couple of days later when we brought home the few that we found. The hardest part is that this child is skinny as a rail, and getting taller by the day. 10’s were going to be too short within a month or so, so we had to up it to a 12. It took some creative altering, and it is still a bit big in the jacket, but at least we know he will grow into it!

His party was with the fam at Beeb’s and Pomp’s house, and as always involved more than necessary. The balloons, the banners, and of course the gifts were tons of fun for him. The big highlight was Pompa’s surprise treasure hunt. My dad is all about creative gifting, and here we are two weeks later STILL on the hunt! : ) After the massive hunt through their house and yard Taylor found a buried treasure chest that contained a map (that could only be read after using heat to make the map show), and is still receiving clues daily. I’ve been told we are getting closer though.....


Kelsey said...

where am I in all the pics?
I could use that line for every post. Thanks Pomps for wasting all our time with the never ending hunt.