Sunday, February 3, 2008

Something to keep my faithful readers occupied while I'm gone

We're off to see the Mouse, and hopefully see a lot more sunshine than we've been seeing around here lately! Early tomorrow morning we embark on a lovely week in Southern Cali. So, to give those few of you who get bored enough to read this blog something to do while I'm gone, I have a question. The topic of middle names for this newest little family addition came up yesterday. We started throwing out some family names that would work as middle names. We each arrived at one name that we'd rather use. So, we thought we'd put it out there for public opinion. I asked around on a pregnancy message board that I post on so we got the opinion of a bunch or crazy hormonal women, but we thought we'd ask some normal people too! ; )

So, for a middle name, which would you pick? Barbara or Olwen? And yes, we are talking *if* this one were a girl and *if* we decided to use a family name in there. I know neither is a name you come across often (or ever), but these were the two that were the topic of discussion.

Bring on the comments! Even you random readers that somehow wound up reading this blog, leave a comment with your opinion! And when I return, I'll share who made which choice, and the verdict of all those crazy pregnant women too! : )


Ashley said...

I don't even know how you would pronounce the second name!
Why don't you just use Ashley - it's knd of a family name, right? I am sure that you could stretch it to work.
Let me know how the correct way to say 'Olwen' and maybe it will be better than how I am trying to say it!
Love ya! Hope you guys are havin' fun in the sun in Cali!

Rheanna said...

Okay, I've finally decided which one I like better....just kidding! I think for me, it would depend on the first name of the child, so I could hear them together. Honestly, not in love with either, but when they are family names, I think it's a little different because names have emotional attatchment to them---I'd go with Olwen-it's different and fun. BTW---Rheanna is a perfectly wonderful middle name...hmmm, an even better first name...I've got it...Rheanna Ashley Ball has a great ring to it! :o)

Heidi said...

okay... I"m jealous of the trip!

I'm staying out of the name game... eeks!


Kelsey said...

not even a question!

Jer + Lu said...

Random reader here. Actually we went to school together and I just stumbled upon your blog. I think it totally depends on the first name- it needs to flow. But as a labor & delivery nurse who hears so many names, I'd go with Olwen :)