Monday, February 18, 2008

You know who you are!

I took this picture for a friend of mine-you KNOW who you are!!- when I was in California. This car was parked near my parents at their hotel. I saw it and just about died laughing! It was too good not to capture and bring home!

Not a close enough peek? Here-look closer! Ha!

Aaron got a good chuckle out of it as well! : ) We checked the plates, and what a surprise.....Utah!

So what I want to know is why don't you (yes you!) have this on your car??? ; ) (maybe we gals in the neighborhood know what to get you for Christmas this year now? Although I'll follow that up with-you'd better still be here when it rolls around!)


Ashley said...

Love IT!
Hope you got all the mud cleaned up - I wish that I would have just stayed and helped you clean up - SORRY!

Celeste said...

I am soooooo hoping that I am the "you know who you are" individual and all I have to say is...I WANT ONE!!!! Or maybe two for that matter, one for each side of my car! :) Maybe I can make my own on my Cricket machine that I have never used. I hear that Roberts sells vinyl stuff that the Cricket can cut. I am soooooo looking into that!! Thanks for the idea and for thinking of me while away in sunny California!!

Jacquie said...

I guess I'm a recent lurker, since its only been a little while since i have known how to blog and make comments. Just thought i'd say "hi" and congrats on all thats happened since we left!