Friday, February 15, 2008

Random thoughts

It cracks me up to see the counter here. Yes I realize that half of that count is one person (you know who you are! HA! you crack me up!), but it's funny that the number goes up the way it does and only 3 people have been brave enough to come out of the woodwork! (yay for willing participants!) And Snider-I promise you I will make you a snowball. Call and remind me. You know, pregnant brain and all.

I'm still bummed that Mitt pulled out. That whole endorsing McCain thing is a bit weird to me, but hey, what else are you going to do? Pull for Huckabee?

I hate this inbetween stage. I currently look like I just ate too much over the holidays and again on vacation. Unless you see me naked at about 11pm. Which unless you are my husband you will not. So you'll just have to believe me when I say I look pregnant that way instead of looking pudgy like I do throughout the day when you all see me.

That said, I am happy that my maternity clothes are all still too big.

I am feeling snippy lately. If I bite your head off I am apologizing in advance. I'll continue with my local weekly vent sessions (you know who you are too-thanks!), hopefully that will prevent any hurt feeelings. But let's be honest, stupid things are ticking me off lately!

I do have a couple of hairs on my big toe. Gross I know. But seriously, have you not seen my eyebrow? What does that have to do with anything? Last night Dallin was asking me what was on my foot. I looked down and told him "nothing" as there was nothing on my foot. He continued to ask and finally got down for a close look and said "it's a hair! Someone cut off my hair and put it on your foot!" He now blames Jacob for this sneaky little act of conspiracy.

I am a name snob. Oh yes, I am. When helping my kids go over name lists for their class Valentine deliveries this week, I thought more than once "WHO would do that to their kid?!?"

Hyrum and Payton, we love you too. Thanks for thinking of us!

I am now officially one minute late for dinner at a friend's house. I am a slacker. I will blame the kids and pregnancy. No one will argue, everyone will understand.


justdawn said...

I am sure you know I am a lurker. I don't suppose you have many other friends or acquaintances in Germany;)

I have meant to comment before, but since I don't actually use Blogger anymore and you have to be logged into Blogger to leave a comment on your is just a pain in the butt. That's why I have not left a comment. I am lazy.

I don't think I have congratulated you on the newest Bean:) I am keeping my fingers crossed for a girl. M & A need a sister;)

Catey said...

Of course I knew you were here!! And I hope you know you are always welcome here, comments or not! Hope your kiddos are feeling better!! I'll add you to the hoping for pink list! : ) Love you!!!

Kelsey said...

oh my, that post was random! I liked it. Don't bite my head off...cause you know I'll bite back :)
What's the scoop with Dalby's bday party?

Rheanna said...

I love this post! It was thoroughly entertaining--thanks :o)!

Celeste said...

I got a good laugh from the "hair on the toe" story. And hey, why don't I ever get any of those "you know who you are" acknowledgements. I mean it could go something like this..."I'm dealing with insane neighbors who are driving me crazy but I know that I'm not alone. There are others out there who are feeling my pain...You know who you are" Now was that hard? I expect to see my "you know who you are" acknowledgement soon :)

zoinatt said...

I'm another one of your lurkers but up til just about 5 minutes ago hadn't bothered to register on the site to be able to post comment. However I figured I'd better cause there are times I do want to comment and can't. Like to say CONGRATS to your family.

justdawn said...

I figured I was welcome here;)

I miss seeing you around, Catey! I hope that you and your tribe are well!