Sunday, February 24, 2008

Let it show, let it show, let it show!

Sing along people! (go back a couple of months to the Christmas songs....)

Yes-it's happening. I'm popping. Stretching. Expanding, bulging, growing; whatever you want to call it. A couple weeks ahead of my schedule (c'mon, of course you can just plan all of this out!), I am starting to show. ACK! Too soon for me! I now look about like I did at 19-20wks with my last pregnancy. Yes, I took weekly pictures last pregnancy as well, I am that morbidly fascinated by pregnancy and my growing body that I like to be able to look back and see just how big I get at a specific point in time. Lest you think it is just me, Aaron walked in from work a couple of days ago and the first words out of his mouth were "wow! You're rounding out! That bump wasn't there two days ago!" Apparently I can't hide it in a normal shirt anymore. But sweaters are still good! ; )

And yes, I still refuse to wear maternity clothes before 20wks sheerly out of principle. Why? I do not know. Likely because I am a crazy pregnant woman. It is a good thing I still have 3 pair of jeans and a couple of skirts that still fit! But I can tell that the time when they will be shelved will be here soon.

So here it is-the grand old belly at 17wks, and for comparison, 19wks with my last time through this wonderful journey.

17 weeks:

19 weeks (baby #6)


Heidi said...

Catey, no worries... You look at 38 weeks better than I look 2 yrs postportum!!!


your tiny little "poof" is cute.

Jen said...

Ok Catey, that is just sick. You look WAAAYY better than me when you are pregnant and I am not! You need to be my trainer or something!

Rheanna said...


Kelsey said...

oh my are huge!! :) Thanks for making everyone who's not prego feel like a big fat fatty :) SHE'S NOT EVEN SHOWING PEOPLE...I SAW HER YESTERDAY!

justdawn said...

Where do you hide your babies, when you're preggers, Catey??? look great!

Mindy said...

Catey, I saw your link on Kelsey's blog. What a blog to start on-- you are having your 7th baby and will still show your actual belly in a picture?? NOT FAIR! (Congrats, by the way) Most of us aren't that skinny before any babies have grown in there! How in the world do you do it?? You may get angry posts from all these women if you answer this, but are you one of those lucky women who doesn't even get stretch marks from pregnancy??? Or "extra" stretched pregnancy skin that won't go away even after birth?? Really not fair. You don't look pregnant from the 17 week or 19 week pictures. I wore maternity clothes at about 25 weeks with my first, 20 with my 2nd, and if I have more I think I can start at... say 4 weeks??! I can't tell you how many women I know have to have a tummy tuck to get rid of the extra skin/stretch marks after babies... even after intense exercising for years. Count those blessings of yours.....lucky, lucky, lucky.

Mindy (Bliss) Phillips

*sorry for the long comment--I'm just in shock that you can look like that while being pregnant with baby #7!