Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Long Runs

Getting fewer and farther between, but I'll take what I can get.

I'm thrilled to have hit a few double digit runs recently, but fear that with the way my ITBand reacted, they may have to be shelved until after baby.

There was a lovely 8 miler in the elements.
(kills me that 8=long now, when it used to be a midweek mid-distance run)
Rain mixed with snow, that lovely Eagle Mountain "breeze" (read gale force winds), topped off with a little hail for Mother Nature's finale as I ended the run.  Thankfully the hail didn't hit till I was turning into the neighborhood.  Running in hail hurts in case you were wondering.  It was my first time doing it, and hopefully my last!
But hey, I did manage to find a couple of dry spots when I got home!

 This was the only dry spot on my jacket on the outside (I was actually able to wring it out it was so wet).

And then on my third layer, the pink shirt, I managed to stay dry on my right side.  Nice.

The real winner was the knot that was previously known as a ponytail of my stick straight hair.  That was a joy to fix.  Note to self: when running in the elements, go with a braid.

There was a 10 miler two weeks after that, and 11.5 two weeks after that.  Thankfully both in much better weather.  Winter this year has been so nice and mild!  Those runs made me happy.  My left leg not so much, but mentally I needed them.  With the hope of a half marathon on the horizon, I needed to know that pregnancy wasn't going to be an issue when mixed with long runs.  The catch now will be to see if the schedule cooperates with my plans.  With two rounds of academic team competition in March, odds are that at least one of my hopeful halfs is going to be quashed by the need to be a good support to my kids.  We'll see.