Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to Beat a Friday Funk

First, want to beat the funk.

Make your toenails all cute and sparkly.

Pick an accessory you wouldn't often wear.
(Thank you SexyModest Boutique for the fun new scarf)

Add big fat celebrity sunglasses.

Bonus points if they came from an exotic locale and bring back fun memories.
Wait, Walgreens counts as exotic if it's in the Keys, right?

Soak up a little sun.  Even if it is only through the car window.

Crank the music as loud as you want.  Even if you are driving a huge van.
Sing along at the top of your lungs.

Spend a long car ride with your best friend.
Air all of your frustrations to that best friend who just lets you talk.
It's incredibly helpful if they also happen to be thoughtful and patient and help you resolve some of those frustrations and situations that you just don't quite know how to handle.

Walk directly into a tree because you aren't paying attention.
But only if you are willing to laugh at yourself.

Stop by and view the newest part of the old inside joke.

Laugh like immature children.  Laugh harder at the fact that you find it so funny.
Send a picture of said incident to another best friend.  Spend a little time chatting with her so she too can laugh with you.

Say yes to your kids when they call you to ask if they can bake a cake while you're gone.

Spend the rest of the evening after you get home just basking in the remembrance of how good life can be when you are willing to get over yourself and appreciate the little things.


Becky said...

Sounds wonderful! Love the accessories!

Kelsey said...

lookin hot

Ashley said...

I just LOVE you!