Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The kids table

Ah, Thanksgiving.

I am one of those people who views it as a holiday event, not just a big meal.
Come on people, it's Thanksgiving!!
It's a holiday built around blessings, food, family, food, fun, food, and did I mention food?
What's not to love?!

We're hosting this year and went from hosting one guest (I know, sad) to 11 a few days ago.  Woo-hoo!
Now it's a party.
Not that it wouldn't have been with just one extra, that's still twice as many people as most families have over.  We're always a party anyway.

It will be great.
Even though I didn't bake pies tonight.  Pies are a fabulous way to start the day so it's all good.  I'll just get up a little earlier.

I've had too much fun with the kids' stuff today to get to pies.  I'm kind of jealous that I don't get to sit at the kids' table.  But hey, my 13yr old keeps asking if she really has to sit there, so maybe she'll swap me?

Who wouldn't want to sit here?

 (really?  I didn't think ahead enough to move the tape before I took a picture?  doh.)

And none of the fun stuff is out yet.
The coloring pages, and fresh new crayons (be still my heart)....
The games...
The acorns...

The pilgrim hats....
-pretend there is a picture because I'm not putting one up....the kitchen was warm, buckle frosting totally melted off and looks all deformed now.  dangit.  but they will still taste good.  Oh yes, they will.-

The jell-o cup turkeys....

The other turkeys.....

And there's still more to come.

Not to mention some incredible food.
I'm already hungry!



XLMIC said...

I am always so impressed with how much you get done. You are such a DOER, girl! I want to sit at the kids' table, too! I always liked the kids' table more. I remember sitting at it with my cousins when we were in our teens and the table literally rested on our knees! But we didn't have awesome turkey jello cups!

hope you have a wonderful day :)

Kelsey said...

Everything looked so cute and tasted fantastic! We had a great time, thanks :)

Kerri said...

I'd sit at your kids table. We haven't had a kids table for a few years. We only had any extra 10 for dinner today:)

Ashley said...

I saw a few of these ideas on pinterest...I wanted to do the oreo turkeys, dang it, I should have...they look SO YUMMY!!!

Conservamom said...

Ok wow! I'm impressed...Things to shoot for next year..those adorable little acorns and turkeys!! b

Laurie said...

Wow, that looks amazing! Those acorns are simply adorable. You never cease to impress!

P.S. read your treadmill entry... is it true?!