Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One Small Step...

Four actually.

Sunday didn't only bring Aaron's fabulous story, but a fabulous accomplishment as well.

Sam took his first steps!!
He'd been teetering one step between things for a bit, but never dared try a second.
On Sunday evening he took three steps from Aaron to me, and then four from me back to Aaron.

I was so hoping to catch it on camera to share this awesome milestone, but every time that thing comes out he drops to his bum and just sits there.  Darn stubborn children.....where on earth do they get it?

Little miracles every day.

So crazy to look back a year and a half at the prognosis we were dealt concerning Sam and to see where he is now.  Absolutely amazing.



XLMIC said...

Yay for walking! Go, Sammy!

Kelsey said...

Love Sammy!