Monday, November 21, 2011

Embarrassing Moments

Not mine, so of course I'm going to share!

There was more to Friday afternoon/evening, and Saturday was.....well, we'll just leave that one alone.

But this my friends is the story of Sunday afternoon.

Our church meetings go from 1pm-4pm.  That afternoon block where you kind of start to feel how tired you are.
Our main worship meeting (Sacrament Meeting) is the first hour and change of the meeting block.
As the meeting got underway with the first speaker, Aaron was feeling the tired creeping in.  He's tired, that's no secret.  The stress of life just seems to wear him out even more.  So as the first talk was ending he leaned forward a bit and put his head on the back of the bench in front of us.  I started tickling his back and felt him doing that relaxed slumping in to sleep.  It happens.  Well, at least to most men it happens.  I have rarely met a woman who fell asleep in church.  Why is that?

Aaron is out cold when the second speaker stands up. (for the LDS readers, it was a High Council speaker)  This is a guy we actually really enjoy listening too.  Brother J. has great stories.  Last time he spoke in our ward (congregation) it included a story of shooting a shark.  Really.  (don't worry, he tied it in)  Like I said, good stories.   He started his talk, it was going well.  Even my kids were listening-including 5yr old Lincoln, which is not the norm!  He starts talking about direction, guides, compasses.....and then looks into the congregation for our Scout Master.  Jay is no where to be seen.  So he turns to another guy he knows is experienced in scouts and wilderness and all that good husband.
"I was going to ask Brother M., but I don't see him anywhere, so I'm going to ask Steve Ball.  Steve, if you're out hiking with a group of scouts and they decided to just stop paying attention to the compass, what's going to happen?"

Now I haven't been to church for a few weeks because I have been home with sick kids.  There have been a number of new families move in to our neighborhood recently and I first thought to myself "Is there another Ball family now?  How did I not hear about that?"
And then it clicked....nope, no new Ball family, just a name mixup.
I see a few heads turning, you see people mouthing "Aaron??" to their spouse, and people looking our direction.
Including the speaker.
Aaron is out cold.
I squoze his arm and start frantically whispering in his ear "Aaron!!  Aaron wake up!  He is talking to you!  He said Steve but he means you!!  Wake up!!!"
Aaron is in a complete daze, totally confused, looking at me trying to process what is happening.
You know when a minute feels like an eternity?
Aaron finally looks toward the stand to see everyone up there staring directly at him.
Oh, and everyone on the stand can see the big red mark across his forehead from where he was leaning on the bench in front of us.
Speaker repeats the question, Aaron answers "they get lost" and then turns to me and asks "What just happened?"

I sit next to him randomly breaking into fits of giggles for the remainder of the meeting and try to contain my need to now be like the monkey in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and randomly yell "STEVE!" at him.

Brother J. grabs Aaron after the meeting and says "I'm really sorry I called you Steve!  I'm not sorry I woke you up though."
Another leader who had been sitting on the stand grabbed Aaron after the meeting and asked "Did anyone ever teach you to roll up your tie and put it between your head and the bench if you are going to fall asleep like that?  Then you don't get the big red mark."
Information that would have been useful yesterday!

So, we learned two things yesterday.
1-Don't fall asleep in church
2-If you do, at least roll up your tie and avoid the red mark.




Becky said...

Too funny! I miss Bro. J, He used to be assigned to my Ward.

Aaron said...

Wow....I guess I need a piece of humble pie every now and again.

XLMIC said...

this is just WAY too funny!

gen2revztruth said...

Lol!!!! Your husband's hilarious!
sleeping in church! Probably only a male thing because the women r always chasing after children trying to make them quiet! no chance of a mom falling asleep in a service!

Shilo said...

Dang! I am so sorry we missed church yesterday.
My kids HAVE got to find better days to get sick!!!
Aaron will forever after be known as Steve in this ward now!

Ashley said...

Only thing that wouls have made it better is if I was there in person to enjoy it!!! haha!
Love ya, Aaron and hey, if it's gotta be a name change/mix-up, no better name than STEVE!! right?!?!?

Laurie said...

That is very funny... I had to read it out loud to my husband. That tie trick sounds like a good one. :)

Kerri said...

We were there to enjoy it in person... PRICELESS! Good thing that Aaron can handle things like this.

Cindi said...

So funny. (Uncomfortable pause as we all wait for "Steve" to wake up--why didn't Bro J just go on?) We thought that maybe he had morphed Steve Hanks and Aaron Ball into one guy. It could happen . . .

~LL~ said...


Jen @ Eating My Candy said...

Haha. Hilarious!