Sunday, December 4, 2011

Will walk for raspberries

I mentioned a couple of weeks back that Sam had started taking some steps.
After a very slow and very cautious start he's decided that for the most part it's the way to get around now! Still a little unsure some days, but boy is it cute to watch him toddle around!!

I wasn't able to get video that first weekend he started walking, but a few days later I did catch this.  Apparently we just needed the right bribery for him to not immediately sit down when the camera came out.
Sam loves raspberries.  LOVES them!
Thanks to Costco having some amazing fresh raspberries recently, we finally got the little stinker on film.

And now, two weeks later he's much more confident and enjoys showing off.
So fun to see!



Sara said...

I love how excited the other kids are, too!