Saturday, December 10, 2011


I've already mentioned how much I love Thanksgiving, but darn it, it's worth saying again!  I love Thanksgiving!!
There was more to it than my kids table.  Although that was still by far one of my favorite parts.

The day started out with pies at 6am because I was having too much fun with the kid stuff the day before and neglected to make them.  Whoops.

But really?  I think every day should start with pies.

The sunrise did not disappoint and was a nice reward for being up early to start baking.

Malia and her friend were running the local Turkey Trot, and I decided-literally 3 minutes before we left to pick up her friend-that I too would run.  Race started at 8, I made my decision at 7:30ish.  So I left the pies in the oven and a run down of what needed to be done till I got home.  What a nice wife I am.  (also-how wonderful is my husband that he didn't even bat an eye?  Awesome).  But hey, it was 30 something degrees this year, and after last years 3 degrees it seemed like a nice warm morning for a run!
We had a good time.

Despite my angry knee again I managed to hit a decent pace.  Not as fast as I would have chosen, but not too shabby.

After the race was 4 hours of cooking, way too much "testing" of the food, and the rest of the prep.
Loved the kid table even more when it was done.

There were plenty of people and plenty of fun.

It also involved randomness like a blue shoe on the table,

and at one point a dog on the table.

(Do you see that!?  I know-I flipped too.  But at least it was after we'd all eaten.  And it only lasted long enough for the picture to be taken.)

A rousing game of Bingo with Pomps,

that of course included fabulous prizes.
Like a tiara and wand.

Yes that's her hand sticking through the side of her sleeve.  She was bothered that it buttoned at the cuff and thought her hand should come out the side. 

Half of Aaron's family went and hung out in the other room.
(does anyone else have family that does this?)

But we did make them come back when we broke out Hedbanz.

Very fun game-the kids loved it.

Though the littlest ones had a hard time not yelling out "Oh!  you have ______ on your head!" each time we replaced the cards on the bands.

And you have to love pictures of people with things on their heads, right?

Even when the tough older brother tries to avoid the camera.

After wrapping up our crazy day, Aaron's dad sent us off to his new house (that he hasn't moved into yet) for a night out while he stayed behind with the kids.

A quiet evening, a ginormous jetted tub (that I didn't get a picture of-dang!), and watching a movie without was great.

We came home and crashed, with the alarm set for way too early the next day.
But the good part was that it was set for 2am so I could snag some of the Black Friday specials when they went live online.  I got up, traveled all the way across the hallway, stayed in my pajamas, and then 15 minutes later crawled back into my warm bed with my Black Friday shopping complete.  That my friends is the way to do Black Friday!!

Though it was weeks ago, I hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous!!



Kelsey said...

at least I look like I weigh 900lbs in that picture.....
PS. Love Cole's shoe on the table :)