Sunday, December 11, 2011

Heading toward the top of that hill

Last week was Aaron's birthday.
He is a whopping 39 now!  Does that mean that next year he hits the top of the hill and starts heading over?
Or does that not happen till 50 now?
I've decided the answer changes depending on the age of the person you ask.

Unfortunately we didn't do anything wildly exciting for his birthday.  Between school and work and Christmas craziness and me being gone a few days that week, it just wasn't happening.

But we wanted to make sure he felt loved and knew he wasn't forgotten.

So we drove to his office and filled his car with balloons and some of his favorite treats.

Next time around I know to buy more balloons, as there was still empty space at the top of the car.  That was not my intention.  Next time.....oh next time!

We juggled the families for multiple nights of birthday celebrations.  You gotta love the family shuffle.
The first time around he thought really hard about that wish.

Apparently by the second night he was really excited about it.

Or maybe it was the little ancient out of tune platform that plays a tinny Happy Birthday as it spins your cake in a circle that had him so excited.

After that night I was lazy and quit taking birthday pictures.

Next year should be all sorts of fun.  Hopefully life will be slightly less chaotic so that we can really do something to celebrate.  Hopefully.



Conservamom said...

lol..the balloons are a great idea! I should try that next year at my hubs 39th! :)