Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random blurbs of conversation

I have a big long post from my relay with about a million pictures.  I haven't put the pictures on it yet, but it's coming.  Most fun I've ever had at a race!

Then there was a tri yesterday.  Killed my time from last time I did this one, met all 3 goals I made for it, and I'm beating myself up over it.  Figures huh?  Pictures coming there too.

And today....OH today.  Let's just say it involved broken dishes and getting covered in vomit at church.  Awesome.

But the blogging just ain't happening lately.  It will this week.  Eventually.  Because I know you all want to see a million pictures of me.  And Thor.  You'll see.

But until then I leave you with this little gem.

Aaron and I were sitting here watching some of the SNL Lawrence Welk skits.  They crack me up.

And then her turned to me and said "If you two get married and have kids, imagine the eyebrows!!"

Which is apparently the first thing one of my aunts said to him the first time they met.

Ahh, memories.



Rheanna said...

I'd say I've been patiently waiting for pictures and to hear how both went, but not so patient!!! I need to see exciting things other people are doing :o) Hopefully the dishes and vomit weren't at the same time!

XLMIC said...

I never noticed eyebrow issues in pictures of either of you... hmmmm... maybe his lack of hair on top was made up for by the eyebrow quotient. And you probably groom :) I cannot wait to see these pics! And hear the whole stories!!!

Heather said...

Nice to meet you. Looking forward to the race recaps.

Kelsey said...

Oh Screech! So embarrassing.
Is XLMIC serious?!!!