Sunday, May 29, 2011

Prank Calling

No, not me.
As tempting as it is, I've finally matured past that point.
Kind of.

Yesterday we celebrated a momentous event.  The first prank call to our house.
By our own child.

I answered the phone yesterday to be greeted by a nasaly, deepend voice uttering the timeless classic "Is your refrigerator running?"
I hesitated, wondering if I should say "no" and see what the response was.
I figured I'd play along and gave the awaited answer-Phineas and Ferb style, "why yes, yes it is".

The attempt at finishing the schpiel in the deep nasaly voice through stifled giggles was priceless.
Admonishing me that, of course,  I'd "better go catch it!" followed by howling laughter as the phone hung up.

Almost as priceless as when said child called to check in about an hour later and asked "did you like my prank call?  That was me."

Best prank call ever.



AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

omg...that. is toooo funny!

love it

XLMIC said...

hahahhahaha! that busting-with-pride confession is priceless :)