Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Going Bare

Barefoot that is.

Yes, all the chatter has worked it's way into my brain and I thought I'd give it a go.  So a couple weeks ago when I had the opportunity for some quality time with the treadmill, I logged the last mile plus of my 8 milers without my shoes.

Me on the treadmill without shoes.  Good thing I had the 9yr old snap that picture because I'm sure you couldn't possibly imagine what running on a treadmill without shoes might look like.
But hey, the quads are looking better.
HUGE difference in foot strike from normal running.

Also if you look at it from this angle it looks like I'm going to fall down.

I haven't.  Although falling on a treadmill is one of my fears.  Does that mean I've watched too much Biggest Loser over the years?  And I took this picture myself.  I'm not sure where I would have perched my 9yr old for this angle.

I've been trying to work through knee issues that come and go and a finicky IT band.
I've also been ridiculously intrigued by the goofy looking Vibrams for months now.

Tell me you aren't totally curious as to how those feel!

I just can't justify the cost of them though.  But that doesn't stop me from chatting up people I see wearing them.
At that 5k I did with my girls recently, a guy we know from the neighborhood was sporting the Vibrams.  Aaron knows my obsession curiosity with these shoes, so he asked about them.  Neighborhood guy was dealing with knee issues (hmmm) and found that they were only getting worse with different shoes.  Someone suggested barefoot running, so he started out slowly on the treadmill to see how his body would react.  Things went well, so he moved on to the Vibrams to accommodate barefoot running outside.  No more knee pain for neighborhood guy.  hmm.

Am I going out to buy a pair?  No.
Will I one day?  Maybe.
For now I will continue to sneak in little bits on the treadmill and see how it goes.  Maybe it will help, maybe it won't.  We'll see.

If nothing else it has made me very conscious of my foot strike and how much I have gotten sloppy and let my heels pound down with each step.  Hopefully correcting that will help me all around.  'Cause it's time to start logging some major miles!  Especially if I'm going to hit that 1000 mile goal.



The Balls said...

Brandon is obsessed with Vibrams. He wants some so bad! You should read "Born to Run" it is all about barefoot running.

XLMIC said...

Do you know what is happening with your gait that leads to the knee pain? I'd be careful and take it slow with the barefoot running and minimalist stuff. It may work fabulously for some people, but it really might not be a good idea for everybody. I know you know that, just reminding :)

But look at those LEGS!!!!

... said...

I am also fascinated by vibrams...but can't justify the purchase yet either :(