Monday, May 31, 2010

Life is Good

I slept in.

I spent the last 40 minutes just lounging in bed.

Most of that time I watched my belly jumping around as my little man said good morning.

The kids slept in.
In fact most of them are still in bed. And it's nearly 8:30. And there is nothing they have to get up for!
The kids that are up are playing in their rooms.

With any luck the sun will come out and we can spend the day with the Slip n' Slide and the kiddie pool.

Hubby gets a day off work and school.

I am about to go start a big waffle breakfast. And break out the whipped cream and sprinkles.

Because today is a whipped cream and sprinkles kind of day.



Kelsey said...

we all slept in too.....what did u put in our food?

Lisa said...

Yesterday WAS wonderful!

~LL~ said...

I hear ya!

*PS.... how random that my word verification is "binges"