Thursday, May 13, 2010

The best glucose test

I think we've accurately covered my opinions on tests during pregnancy.
The glucose tolerance test is one that falls into the same category as the majority of them. Expensive waste of my time. Yes, I know that some people show no signs, Yes, I know that it can show up unexpectedly. But the typical one hour drink the nastiness test that just about every care provider uses also throws back a freak number of false positives, and then you end up blowing 3+ hours and a lot of money on the follow up test only to fast for longer than a pregnant woman wants to go without food, and often end up feeling sick afterwards.

Gosh, I don't know why I'm not on board with that one.

I've done the drink thing a couple of times in the past, but my OB and I had a nice little understanding about that; if I have concerns I let him know, if he has concerns he let me know, otherwise, I don't do the test. Once I did due to some questions on (freakishly rapid!) weight gain, another I had a sugar spill. Fine-I'm ok with it in those cases. But just regularly? I don't do the test.
Sometimes I still really miss my OB.

This time around I figured I wouldn't even hear about it since I went the midwife route. I signed all the forms at that first appointment opting out of every test and blood draw except that routine ultrasound. Thank goodness I'm not one of those people who is patient enough to wait until baby's arrival to know if it's a boy or a girl, huh?

But I digress.

After officially opting out I was surprised to hear my midwife mention this test at my 20wk appointment. When I told her I don't do that one, she was very understanding, but then mentioned that her mother died from complications of diabetes and so she's pretty nervous about this test not being done. Ugh. That makes it harder to argue. Knowing that we have numerous family members on Aaron's side that are diabetic, she knew I'd have access to a glucose monitor. She said that if I'd just check once for her, she wouldn't mention the test again. Ok, I can deal with that.

I was going to just borrow a friend's monitor, but her test strips had expired so the thing wouldn't work. Dang.

So instead of bugging everyone else I know, I bought my own. $21.44 for the monitor kit and test strips. Do you know how much they charge for this dumb test in a dr's office? It's ridiculous. It cost less for me to buy my own monitor, strips, and two Snickers bars than it costs in gas just for me to get to the office for the test.

The Snickers were for the test. I promise.

Thinking I'd give the monitor a dry run last night before I had to use my precious Snicker's bars, I checked my level after eating a nice big bowl full of chocolate trifle.

Any guesses?


You have to be under 140 to pass in a dr's office. Or under 120 in some of the (too strict) dr's offices. Which is another thing that bugs me-there is no set standard! Some drs cut off at 120, some at 130, some at 140. So with one dr you could get a 121 and be forced into the 3 hour test, yet in another dr's office that's nearly 20 below the cut off. That's passing with no problem!
Go figure.

This morning I choked down 1 2/3 Snickers bars. 50 grams of sugar. I won't tell you how many calories. I'm pretty sure calories don't count when being used for a medical purpose. Yeah, that sounds good.

I will say that is a lot of Snickers bars to consume in a very short time period. It may be a while before I crave a Snickers again.

The moment of truth one hour later?
Passed with flying colors. Even by a strict dr's standards.

C'mon-this is ME we're talking about! Does anyone who has known me for more than about 3 minutes really think my body has issues processing sugar? Pshaw.



Aaron said...

Snickers.....really satisfies....

Kelsey said...

you're such a rebel. I could pound 2 snicks in 10 seconds...want me to prove it?

~LL~ said...

Absolutely.... calories, given for medicinal purposes, do not count. Just like medical marijuana. LOL!