Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wow-it's like I fell off the face of the earth!

Seriously! What's up with the like 3 week blogging absence?

My sister probably thinks it's so I could leave that last post up here to torture her.

Nope. I promise that's not it!

Trying to get back to life, and back on schedule.

Thoroughly enjoyed the holidays, and the time that the kids had off of school.

I am (a month later) finally feeling human again. The actual recovery from the darn tonsillectomy was so much more than I expected. Add to that the psoriasis outbreak (triggered by the strep I got 6 days prior to the tonsillectomy-go figure), and I've been one heck of a mess. Those outbreaks have really become obnoxiously worse each time they happen-it used to just make me look like a freak, but now they make me physically feel like a mess too. In theory having the tonsils out will drastically reduce the frequency of the strep infections, and thus in turn drastically reduce the frequency of the psoriasis....and should make life easier overall.


I'm going to go with Of course right!

I am frustrated at what my endurance has become; I had no idea that general anesthesia could mess you up so badly. Anesthesia scares the bejeebies out of me as it is, so I am infinitely grateful that everything went perfectly well and there were no real side effects. But I am bummed that I am essentially back to square one in the running department. 13 miles 5 weeks before the surgery? Sure! 2.5 miles a month after the surgery? Still a struggle. You know me and my issues. I'm not dealing well with that.
For now I'm trying to rock out to 30day Shred (especially since the temps have been ridiculously low for the past few weeks). Some days it's awesome. Some days it's a struggle to get through level 1.

Baby steps it is.

There were a bunch of posts that kind of got started in December (you know, like all those Christmas stories we read and such), so random things will be popping up from last month as I finally get to hitting "publish" on those. Feel free to ignore them. I just have to get them out of "draft" mode for my own sanity.

With any luck I'll also soon be restocking the sadly empty Etsy shop.....just in time for Valentines Day! (how was that for a shameless plug?)

So many things going on, I'm sure there will be a freakish number of posts popping up here in the next couple of weeks. I apologize in advance. Also, I may just put some pictures from Christmas up even though it's January. And even though I might not actually get them up until February.

Maybe "do less procrastinating" should be one of my resolutions for this year?



~LL~ said...

Heh.... I still have to put up a Disney post... that is now 1 month out. LOL~

Glad you are back. You have now earned a few days off. ;)

Becky said...

I had my tonsils out when I was 14 after I had strep non-stop for a year... I have only had it once since then. I do get scratchy throats.. but never strep. Hope it's the same for you!!!

Lisa said...

I'm glad that you're feeling more normal.

Kelsey said...

i beg to differ.