Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Look at Me!

No really-go check it out.

You see that little Mamapedia button over there <--------?
That's there because my blog is on their blog roll.

But tomorrow.......

I'm being published on Mamapedia Voices tomorrow! Woo-hoo! : )
(that would be Thursday btw)

If you haven't checked out Mamapedia, you should. There's some good stuff over there. I found it through Mamasource, which has also come in mighty handy! (and no, I'm just plugging them, I'm serious)

I'm excited to share some of my thoughts (you do remember the jeans, right?), and if any of you, my lovely, dear, wonderful readers, would like to go comment on it and get the conversation going over there, that would be great. : )