Thursday, April 9, 2009

The No Spend Month

After getting the tax return, and bulking up on a few things that needed to be taken care of, we felt like our spending was getting a little, well, too happy.  Not that we'd overspent (thankfully), but with a few other projects in the chute that our return is earmarked for, we wanted to make sure that everything stays in line.  

We also had a realization that we'd let the little "it's only a couple of dollars" mentality regarding spending fall into play more than it should.  

Thus "No Spend" month was born.

Can we really go a month without spending?  Well, yes and no.  

No-we can't just NOT spend.  We still have to pay bills, put gas in the car, buy produce/perishables, and spend on a couple of other things that were planned for this month (like I really need new contacts.  like a month ago.  guess I should get on that.)

and Yes-we can just STOP spending!  How many times are we at the store for a gallon of milk and we happen to pick up $37 more of things either b/c it was on sale or it looked good or whatever reason?  Way too many times.  What about the "I'll just stop and grab something to eat while I'm out?" The email alert to a screaming deal that is just too good to pass up?  Yah.  Me too.  

So-how's it going?  Well, almost a third of the way through the month we have done great thus far!  We even got a free date thanks to some friends being willing to take the kids last Friday night and pass on some free dinner certificates.  'Cause nothing says "exciting date night" like an MRI, a stop by Costco for cheese and eggs, and food.  But hey, you can't beat free food!  The only deviation from the dictated spending "necessities" has been a Bolt balloon for Jacob's bday party and a few extra grocery things to make dinner and the cake for the party and feed the extended fam who came out for the party.  Oh, I did get a new dustpan/broom set at Ikea yesterday when I stopped by to pick up some flooring samples, but in my defense it was 99 cents, and I had cash to cover it.  (we never carry cash)  

So-21 more days to go....can we do it?  

That means no paying babysitters, no going out to eat without gift cards/gift certificates (which we rarely do anyway, but still...), no extra treats from the store when we stop in to get milk (take 7 kids shopping with you, it's a good motivator to get in and out as quickly as possible.  Just remember and repeat the word "no" to every request.  I think I may just record it and put it on a loop playback for when we go out!).  

I'm thinking we can do it.  Especially since I survived Ikea yesterday.  What is it about a giant blue building and every possible accessory for your home all under one roof that suddenly makes you desperately want ice cube trays that make ice in the shape of fish and flowers?  (especially when you don't use the star shaped tray all that often?)

9 days down, 21 to go.  Here's to saving a few extra bucks to put towards replacing the nasty awful carpet that currently permeates my home.....


Rheanna said...

Good luck with no spending! Especially after hitting Ikea-I can barely walk in the door without feeling like I NEED it all :o)

Lisa said...

I SO bet that you can do it!

You're supermom, right?

~LL~ said...

Wow....what an inspiration. I SO need to do that....if I would just stick to the budget, that would be good. I sometimes have trouble doing that. What is it about a tighter budget that makes you want to have a nice, thick 2-inch steak for dinner 3 times a week?

Kelsey said...

sounds like the worst month ever.