Friday, April 24, 2009

Heaven in my kitchen

Well, unless you're diabetic or on a diet or something.  Then I suppose it wouldn't be nearly as delightful.

One day I'll turn into one of those foodies who takes killer pictures of my kitchen creations.  But not today. 

 Instead, you get mediocre pictures of my kitchen productions.  And if you live close enough you can drop by for a taste.  

If there's any left.  

Which knowing me, there won't be for long.  

But you can try.

White.  Yellow.  Chocolate Cream.  Coconut.  Dark Chocolate Mousse.  
Thus summed up in one word:  Yum.

I tried a slightly different frosting on the white and yellow.  Verdict: thumbs up.  

The Coconut is a recipe that a good friend of mine was thankfully willing to share.  If you like coconut, it is to die for.  

The Chocolate Mousse was a little tweaking of a from scratch chocolate cake recipe I use.  With mousse piped into it.  And on it.  Because a girl craves chocolate mousse sometimes.  And it was totally worth the extra 30 minutes that adding the mousse required. 

One big fat fest of calories.

That one tasted really good.

That one too.

My hands are dry from so much washing yesterday.  
Because every time you lick a finger you must then thoroughly wash your hands.  Duh.
Eventually a spoon in the frosting bowl was the way to go.  

See?  I told you it was yum.  

A kitchen full of cupcakes is a good thing.


Becky said...

Holy smokes that is a lot of cupcakes and WOW do they look yummy!!! I think I just gained 2 pounds. Thanks for that. lol

Do you ever go to Bakerella's blog?? Everything she makes looks fantastic (and the stuff I have made IS fantastic).. her pics are good too.

Kelsey said...

what are all those for??? Your stash??? he he

Denise said...

Catey, I was just doing some "catching up" on you and your family. You are amazing, baking all of those cupcakes!! All I want to know do you stay so skinny with all that sugar around - I'd be HUGE!! I can't resist a good cupcake, that's for sure! I've enjoyed the "catch up". Thanks for an hour of laugter and fun! Love ya!