Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Great M&M experience

I am part of an online community that involves a group of women who all had babies about the same time last year (late June, early Aug).  A few weeks ago, shortly after Easter, someone started a "confessions" type on conversation surrounding what you may or may not have given baby for Easter.  The big question, of course, being "did you let your baby have chocolate?"  

You may be surprised to find that I did not actually give Charli any chocolate for Easter.  Although after I just typed that I have a weird hankering to get her to a chocolate factory.....

Anyway-I mentioned that after that conversation I was tempted to let her have and M&M and see how she reacted.  Besides, who really thinks it's a good idea to not let your baby have any type of sweets at all before 1yr but then give them their own cake and let them go to town?  Hello!  Talk about a shock to the system!  So how do we solve that?  No sweets at all?  PSHAW!  No.  Break them in gently of course.....

Thus, I broke out the camera, stuck Charli in the high chair, and handed her the beloved M&M.  (yellow, just in case you were wondering)

I'm going to stop you right here and tell you that the photos here rival the # of photos I once saw on someone's blog of feeding their first child rice cereal.   (They had 18.  Yes, 18 photos of their 5 month old eating rice cereal.  Wow.)  I am posting 12 photos.  Get over it.  Besides, who rivals this cuteness??


Back to the point:
Going in for the kill
In it goes!
Checking out the texture
Still not quite sure how to go about smashing this this
Look!  She's hypnotized as she crushes it!
Still working on it, with a little bit of dribble
Oh sweet chocolate overload!  
Savoring the moment

Thinking back on the chocolatey goodness


Rheanna said...

So SO Cute!

Kelsey said...

OH my goodness! She is the cutest thing ever. I wish you'd do the 12 pix post all the time.

~LL~ said...

ROFLMBO!!! Love it!

You are just like cream has milk in's just like dessert from a booby, right?