Monday, April 13, 2009

Making a Happy Home Monday

This Monday finds me celebrating.  Why?  


Ahhhh, glorious wonderful beautiful Spring Break.  One full week with no Math assessments, no Literature evaluations, no Writing in Action (vomit), vocabulary, Exercises in get the idea.  

One full week of not shuttling the other kids out the door to get them to school on time, no homework for them, no "you need to get up NOW, you're going to be late!"

Oh sweet pure bliss.  


It's also MHHM people!  Get on board!  For the details, hit LL's blog, as always the info is there as well as Mr Linky.  Do yourself a little something and LINK yourself up over there!  I know there are a bunch of you out there that do it, but no one ever links up.  I dare you.  No, I double dog dare you.  If you have read this, this is officially your challenge to participate either today or next Monday.  It doesn't have to be anything big or fabulous or exciting.  Clean out the fridge.  Make your bed.  Read your little one an extra story.  Bake yourself The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever.  (I have the recipe!)  Anything that will make your home a happier place.  Just do SOMETHING.  and go link up.  

Now, if you're still with me, here is my choice today.  

Two little issues in my home that drive my bonkers.  

Exhibit A:  
The pedestal drawer under my dryer.  
I love this contraption.  Who doesn't love extra storage?  And something that puts your laundry machines on your level.  Genius.  
One of ours is the extra sock drawer.  You know, when that lone sock floats through the laundry and comes on without it's friend.  It goes here.

Wowsers.  Apparently my children decided that the true function of this drawer was to hold ALL of their socks just because they didn't want to match any of them and put them away.  Yah, NO.  Enter mean old mom and all the kiddies home today.  BWahahahahahaha!  Sorry, where was I?  

Oh yah.  Over 100 pair of socks.  And a much happier pedestal drawer.  


Still about 20 loners, but plenty of laundry yet to be done today.  If any of these are here next week, they get to visit the garbage.  permanently.  

Exhibit B:
My closet.


I know.  I should be better.  But I took down this tub with the warm weather clothes in it and haven't finished switching things out, and tried to hide a sack from the store with treats (even though it still had shampoo, conditioner and baby lotion in it), and geesh, look at me totally slacking at putting my shoes away.  


MUCH better.  Except now you all know where the girl scout cookies are stashed.  

Now, get to it.  I expect to see at least a few of you linked up on LL's blog by next Monday!


~LL~ said...

First off....I think one of those "lone" socks is mine....can the washer and dryer beam a sock to another state?

Secondly, the clost looks totally faboo. I need to do that to all of our closets. Not sure where I want to start....nope, that is not true. I DON'T want to start. LOL!

Thanks for your support. You are a gem!

Aaron said...


Looks good.

Did you know, when you roll dice and you get a three and a one or two two' makes four?

Aaron said...

oh yeah....and you just try to mate Chiuaua and a Rot. Good luck.

Lisa said...