Monday, December 15, 2008

What a nice Monday surprise!

If you aren't familiar with Old Town Imports, you should be! Especially if you live around here! If you're not local and have no idea who I'm referring to, check out the Old Town Imports website.

Their things are gorgeous!

My mom has a number of their pieces, and it seems that no matter what they are used for the just really make everything look amazing. She emailed me about their warehouse store and their new blog not too long ago. I check out the blog when I can, and keep hoping to find a free day (sans kiddos) to make it back to their store again. Well, the blog checking has paid off!

I won this:

Yay! Do you not just love that?!

The way today has turned out to REALLY be a Monday made it even sweeter. Merry Christmas to me. : )


Big Daddy said...

So did you win the bowl, the apple or both.

Kelsey said...

so...does this mean you are not an angry elf anymore?
Do you need me to pick it up for you?

Lisa said...