Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yes, Mymby! It's here!

What is Mymby? My new little baby. (No, I'm not pregnant again. Although I did get asked this week. great.)

Remember that project I mentioned I'd been working on? Well, I'm a little slower than I had hoped, but I'm not putting it off any longer! After dabbling in custom orders for the past couple of years, I decided I'd start putting a little more together and getting it out there. So here it is! Those of you who live close also know how talented Rheanna is, she has joined me to graced us with a few of her projects as well!

And now the good part.

Everyone loves a giveaway! So what better way to start something new than with a giveaway?

Check out the Mymby homepage HERE to get in on it. Nothing like bribery to help spread the word, right? : ) Check out "The Mymby Goods" listed on the left hand side to peruse the various offerings currently available, or use your imagination for you own project! And yes, capes for boys are coming soon too!


Lisa said...

Throws a drama induced fit...where are the bracelets? Amelia NEEDS bracelets!

Teehee!! Awesome job momma!

Becky said...

You're doing capes???? So much for me being done with the boys Christmas shopping.

Do you guys take paypal or how are you doing that? I didn't see that info on the blog..

KJae said...

I want to order some beanies and crocheted hats, possibly other stuff too. Idealy it would be before next Wednesday when I leave town to meet my new niece. Let me know if there are things currently available. Thanks!