Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ok, ok, just ONE more time!

And only because you were asking for it Dawn and Lisa! : )

Really, how could I NOT share these??


Kelsey said...

are you freakin kidding me?!!
I must have that picture immed!
I love her.

Lisa said...


That second picture made me smile. She's such a beautiful baby.

justdawn said...

Gosh...she is simply beautiful, Catey!!!

Thanks for sharing:)

Ammon and Jen said...

Super cute!! I wish I had such a great photographer in my family to take such cute ones.

Shilo said...

So cute!
Thanks for sharing!

zoinatt said...

Awww she's just totally adorable. Thanks for sharing them.

Chris said...

These pictures are great.
Nicely done!

Laura said...

Dear Catey:

So I'm not sure if this will freak you out, but your sister is a friend of one of my friends--well, you know how blog surfing goes. Anyway, this is Laura Paulsen (Howe) and I think your blog is fabulous.

This is probably unwanted advice, but my husband is a photographer and so I'm rather picky about photos. I think yours are wonderful. I do most of the post-processing of pictures after he takes them and I thought one little photoshop step could make your already beautiful pictures even better.

I'm assuming you use photoshop; on either photoshop or photoshop elements, find levels. On elements, this is under Layers--New Adjustment Layer--Levels. Then when it brings up a graph, move the arrows on the bottom to the edge of the curve (or wherever you think they look best).

Feel free to ignore my unwanted advice if you're not interested.

Your photography is beautiful, your kids are beautiful, your writing is beautiful and I think you are beautiful. I hope you are great.

Catey said...

Thanks. : ) It's good to "see" you again. I'll have to check out your blog when I get a minute, I'd love to see your cute family!

Thanks for the tip-one day I'll get around to using photoshop.
As for now, I've actually never even opened photoshop. My husband (also a photographer ironically) uses it for his own work, but mine is just my own playing around, so it is as it is. Drives him crazy! lol The only altering I ever do is just dropping it to b/w or cropping and I usually just shortcut to that through photobucket or iphoto.
Hopefully sometime in the near future I'll actually try using photoshop-I'll be excited to put your advice into play. Thanks!