Thursday, May 1, 2008

Seven at 27

Here you have it folks! I've spared you for two full months with no picture of ye olde belly, but here we go again! Sorry, but I love my belly! The mass increase in my backside I could live without, but since it comes standard for me when I'm getting the belly, it's worth the trade.

So here I am, officially entering my third trimester today! 13 weeks from today I will hit my magical due date, although I'm hoping (as always) that this baby follows suit and makes her arrival two weeks (or so) early like the others. That gives me just 11 more weeks! That seems so soon, and yet as every woman who has ever been pregnant understands, so very far away. But hey, either way in about three months there will be some much cuter pictures of this little baby! : )


Kelsey said...

cute lil belly! I can't wait for this little gooer!!!!! 11 weeks is nothing. She'll be here in no time :)

~LL~ said...

Pat the bean!!! love it!

justdawn said...

OK...I have *seen* you go through three pregnancies before this one, and I still don't quite know *where* you actually carry these babies while in utero! You look FANTASTIC!!! I can not WAIT to get to see this new little addition to your family. SOmething tells me she is going to be a little bit extra-spoiled;)

Much love to you and your family. I miss you, Momma!

LCameron said... look fantastic!!