Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Wheels on the Bus part 2

More cars? Really? In what has become a weekend staple (let's hope it doesn't REALLY become a regular things!), Aaron has been off to get a vehicle. No, not for us, we had that privelege already. But really, when someone is willing to take a day off, fly to a different state, and help you drive 11hours to get back home all in the same day, it is only right to repay that!

A couple of years ago I would have been very wary of buying something big, like...oh, I don't know....a CAR, over the internet. Scary business those cars... After Aaron worked in car sales for a time we got first hand experience with what car salesmen can be like. Notice I said *CAN* b/c not all of them are truly scumballs. Every once in a while you do run into a decent and honest person selling cars. Unfortunately it is not the norm, but it does happen. Even taking that into consideration, buying cars is always such an interesting thing. So take the convenience of online shopping, avoiding the hassle of dealerships and all their extra fees, and the desperation of some owners trying to sell you their "perfect" used vehicle ("my grandma only drove it to church and back, I swear!"), buying a car through a computer didn't look all that bad. Well, though I am sure there are some bad stories out there, we did have a good experience. (and there was intrepidation on the sellers end too! another story for another day)

Apparently all of our online car searching sparked the same in a friend (we must be spending too much time together or something! HA!). And before you knew it, there was another car sitting out of state waiting to be picked up! This time not in the middle of the desert, but nestled away in the mountains of Colorado! Road Trip!

It is interesting how these things work out. Sometimes, you find exactly what you want, where you want it, when you want it. Other times, it ends up being the car you didn't necessarily want, but you just know it is the right fit! Hopefully it is still the right fit nearly a month later! : )

So a day later, and another 10hours or so in the car, the boys rolled back into good old Eagle Mountain. It has got to be a good sign if you can spend that much time in a vehicle together, not get bored or irritated with each other, never run out of things to talk about, and STILL want to hang out together when you finally get home!

And one day, the road trip will actually be a vacation, not just an expedition to retrieve a vehicle!


Justin said...

We definitely need another road trip, there's still more to talk about :) The next car one of us buys, you and Rheanna can go pick up and just see how enjoyable it REALLY is!

Rheanna said...

Can I have that in writing please?