Thursday, October 4, 2007

One small step....

Famous words, no? Fortunately not famous LAST words! Quite the opposite, they have always signaled a new beginning. Appropriately so, even on a small scale.

No one has been to the moon here, although I will admit to being a bit spacey lately. (ha)

Lincoln, my sweet little baby boy, is walking! Setting the record for the oldest walker in our family, he is finally preferring to walk-at least part of the time-instead of crawling. He started out with a few steps here and there just a few days before he hit eleven months, but it has taken a month (until about a week before his first birthday) for him to give this walking business some serious consideration. Again-a rare thing for us! All of the other kids got a taste of life on two feet, and immediately took to running! It has become the game at our house to up the count of steps. You know he is feeling adventurous when you can hear the older kids progressively getting louder, "eight...niNE....tEN....ELEVEN....TWELVE!...THIRTEEN!!!" I think we are still topping out in the high teens, but he is making progress! It is fun to watch him start to prefer standing to sitting, standing himself up, and try walking before resorting to crawling after falling or sitting down a few times. Balance is a tricky thing!

My baby is walking! It is always so exciting, but just a tad bittersweet. One step closer to independence....

But hey, at least he isn't totally being shown up by his younger cousin Hallie. (Kelsey-She's SO advanced! rofl!) While she is much steadier on her feet, at least he's up on his with her. It is interesting what you can see about a personality in something like learning to walk. Watching the two of them together on Sunday was so fun. Little Hal is so deliberate and steady in each calculated step, while Lincoln is up, stepping as fast as he recklessly can, until he plops down long before what he was trying to reach. Interesting statement on boys vs girls, on first children vs way down the line kids, or just fear in one about the craziness of a large group and excitement in the other to see someone the same size? Time will tell I guess!


Kelsey said...

Hallie is so advanced :) Logs is a great walker! It will be fun to watch these two gooers as they get older.