Friday, October 5, 2007

Lincoln Log is a Twig!

But at least he is not as much of a twig as he was a couple of months ago! YAY for that!

After struggling with anemia, his weight plummeted, and he dropped from the 50th percentile (15lbs) at 4 months, to the 40th (17lbs) at 6 months, down to the SECOND at 9 months (only 16 1/2 pounds). At 10 months, he was off the charts. No good! Even worse were the extra supplements, blood tests and dr visits to try and nail down what was wrong and why he started losing weight.

But today brought GREAT news! No, not that he has returned back up to average, but he is finally growing again. He's made it clear back up to 6th percentile! After dropping completely off the charts for a couple of weeks, he's moving on up! (sing it, ala Jeffersons of course) And even better is that his height has gone from 26th percentile (to which it had dropped at 6 months, It had been at 60th+ for a while), now back up to 52nd percentile! Hope for some height after all! : )

So, the official stats are that he is weighing in just over 19lbs, and is up to 30inches long. Grow baby grow!

The bad news is that his iron levels have dropped a fair amount again so we are going back to supplements, but as long as he is still growing it's all OK. The three shots today weren't a joy either, but hey, you do what you've got to do.

All good until January when we'll go in for a 15month check, and hopefully even higher numbers on the growth curve!


Kelsey said...

Yay!!!! Good Job Loggers :)
Our kids are tttttaaawwwiiiggggsss

Kelsey said...

you should post a picture of him when he was gigantor and then a twigger :)