Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up part 1: Twenty the third

You know it was an epic weekend when it takes multiple posts.

Saturday started out with the third-and final-twenty miler for this marathon training cycle.  Three weeks till marathon.  Third twenty mile run that went fabulously.

I set out right at 6am, the nearly full moon lighting the sky that was starting to creep from nearly black to that awesome purpley blue of the early morning.
It was chilly, so I threw on one of Aaron's big shirts knowing that I would be seeing him in a couple of miles.  He worked overnight on Friday and was headed home on schedule to cross my path about 3 miles in.  Best "aid station" ever; dropping off the extra clothing layer and getting a kiss from my hubby who I hadn't see for two days.  Great way to start a run!
And this was the view behind me after I sent him on his way:

This is where I live.  Awesome.
It was a beautiful morning.  It's always a treat to have the pleasure of watching the moon set and the sun rise, especially as the sun starts to creep over my little valley and light the day.

 I get to run here.  ALL the time!  So blessed.

The purple flowering weeds are filling up the fields, which is one of my favorite little stretches of time out here in the spring.  Being surrounded by this makes long runs feel not so long.

And I got to run with some deer.  I was a little slow getting the phone out to snap a pic, so you get to play spot the deer.  I could have drawn an arrow on there, but you know you wanted to play search and find.  There are only two in this shot, just to the left of the center.

OK, so the whole deer thing was cooler in real life than hidden in a picture.

I felt great the whole run.  Slight tightness in one knee around mile 18, but it was short lived and felt fine by the time I finished.  Fueling was perfect.  Hydration was perfect.  A few new tunes on the ipod kept things interesting.  Great run.

And now, it's taper time!

Truth be told I'm a little nervous for just how well things have been going this time around.

I am physically very ready for taper.  Mentally....well now there will be even more time for me to sit and digest my hopes and plans.  A, B and C goals are set.  I am VERY excitedly looking forward to May 18th.