Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Does your face hurt?

Anyone else remember that joyous little bit from back in the day?
Does your face hurt?  It's killing me.

It came up a couple of weeks ago here.  Not sure how.  And then it came up again and again.
We have a lot of rambunctious kids, a lot of head bonks happen.

Little did I know it would be applying to me.

My poor face.

On Saturday I had it waxed.  Yes my whole face.  No, I'm not kidding.
Ok, not my whole face, my forehead and nose don't need it.

I was happy to be over the sting of that when my super grace and agility showed itself on Sunday night.

I was shutting the car door, stepping back as I did so.  My foot kind of slipped off the edge of the driveway onto the grass, at which point-in attempt to keep my balance-I leaned forward.
My thoughts were as follows:
-Is my foot ok?!  Thank goodness I didn't roll my ankle!
-Oh my word, did I really just hit myself in the head with the car door?

Yes, I hit my face with the corner of the door as I was shutting it.
I'm awesome like that.
The center of my left cheek just below my eye all the way over to my nose are still not happy with me.   I genuinely wondered for a minute if I had broken my own nose.

Then came Monday.  Two and a half hours of dental work.  Yes that is a long time.  One of my teeth broke, the one next to that had a filling that broke...it was ugly.  Aaron actually stopped by our dentist's office on the way home to check on me.  I freely admit that I hate dental work, but I'm not that bad.  His timing was impeccable-he got to see everything all ground down and prepped for the partial crowns that now reside in my mouth.  He took a picture.  I will spare you.  You're welcome.

I am happy to report that the dental work was the opposite side from the car door incident.

Bruised and tender left cheek/nose, swollen and sore right jaw.

But hey, at least I get one more week till I have the cavity on the left side filled.
And my face is super smooth.

Although, I highly suggest not hitting yourself in the head with the car door.


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