Sunday, March 17, 2013

sometimes you need a little change

I can't be the only one that sees hints of Spring and is ready for something new.

I do love winter, and the peaceful perfectness that comes with a fresh blanket of snow, and all that good stuff, but goodness I am SO ready for change now!  A month ago I was chomping at the bit to be done with winter and cold and being stuck inside.  Ready to start cleaning out the house, the yard and anything else that gets in my way.

I decided I needed a little trim.

I decided that beige was boring.  "They say taupe is very soothing", but it was time for a change.

And now there is a lot of blue.  Aaron loves it when he goes out of town for the week and comes home to things like this.  (I'm only being slightly sarcastic)

Yes, we changed the burned out lightbulbs too.
Only a peek at the dining room change because I still need to change out the curtains in the living room and figure out the rug situation there.  I did find the *perfect* rug, but it's Anthropologie.  And $998.  So that's obviously not happening.
 The dining room curtains are changing too and there will be photos back up on that wall but we work in stages here.  Which translates to hopefully I can find the right frames within the next month.

And yesterday, after a number of dry and MUCH warmer days (first running tank tan lines appearing!  yay!), I hit the trails.  Amazing.  I headed up to ZigZag.  (also seen here with the fam)  It was gorgeous.  I forget how amazing getting off the road is.  Running is amazing and therapeutic anyway but taking it one step further and charging up the side of a hill is completely invigorating.   That is definitely a change I need to make more often.



~LL~ said...

The blue is pretty. I more into reds....but I DO have blue cabinets. :-)

I am the same way....making changes when David is gone.

Miss you!