Friday, March 15, 2013

The scent of self sufficiency

Can you smell them?
Yes, I'm asking you people a few states away.

I am all for self sufficiency.  I want my kids to be functional starting when they are young.  So far I feel like we are doing a pretty good job there.  But one of the drawbacks is burned eggs.

A couple of my children like to make eggs for breakfast.  Big fat thumbs up.
But one of these children has decided that to be "done" eggs must be slightly brown.  Um, no.
Light fluffy yellow scrambled eggs?  Breakfast perfection to me.  Not to him.

"Mom!  Those are still runny!  They aren't done!"

I can attest to the fact that they are not runny when I make them, as I have a serious aversion to runny eggs.  We even have a running (ha) joke about runny eggs stemming from a breakfast incident 13 years ago where Aaron and I were served "scrambled eggs" that were cooked in a saucepan.  They required a saucepan because they were much the same consistency as a sauce.  Eww.  This is why if you are ever at my house for breakfast and we happen to be making scrambled eggs you will hear one of us say "the eggs are done!" about 23 seconds after pouring them in the pan when they are obviously, painfully not done.

My dear child who has said paranoia about eggs that are actually yellow is the one who likes eggs the most.  Browned, dry eggs.

And so my house stinks like burned eggs.

Windows open, back door open, new Scentsy blocks melting...all I smell is the overcooked eggs.
Ah, the smell of self sufficiency.



Candice said...

He sounds like me. They're not done unless they can bounce off the wall!

~LL~ said...

ew......that is funny!