Sunday, May 13, 2012

Still going!

Very happily.

Very gratefully.

Very excitedly.

Still running.

Today was the longest run I've done in a few weeks.  Probably because I didn't get out at all the entire week so I had 7 days worth of energy to burn.  Scares me a little that I do have this much energy left at this point, it makes me wonder if she's planning on staying in there forever.  My reassurance that she's not comes in reading back over the end of Charlotte's pregnancy when I felt pretty darn good until just a couple of days before she was born.

Aaron had worked overnight in the PICU on Friday night, so we arranged for him to pick me up on his way home on Saturday morning.  I headed out not knowing how far I'd get or how slow I'd be, but without the worry of picking a turn around point and cherishing the freedom to just go.

7.2 miles later we crossed paths.  Part of me would have loved to see how much further I could have gone because I still felt great.  Part of me was totally fine with where we met up because I ended feeling great.
The rest of me was just soaking in the runner's high and appreciating that I had the chance to get out and run on a beautiful morning, especially at a faster pace than I expected.  Good times.