Friday, May 4, 2012

36 weeks, Real Nesting!

I'm making progress!

I set out to get two or three things knocked of my big 'to-do before baby' list and got all sorts of carried away.

Finished the drapes and pillows that completed the slight overhaul of the family room.  No painting, just new ottoman and rug in addition to the drapes and pillows.  Amazing how much a few little things can make a difference though.  Now to get things up on the wall...

Got the changing table out and all cleaned up.
Found a place for it.
Got baskets for it.
Made a changing pad cover.
Hey, ^that's^ ALL baby related!

Cleaned out my closet.
Cleaned out the office.
Made Charlotte's new bedding.
Finally tackled the ironing pile.  I hate ironing.
I thought about getting baby clothes out.
I even put a few things in that infamous hospital bag.

See?  I'm making progress!

And the end must be getting near, because I'm starting to feel big with a capital B.